Jose Rios

by Jose Rios

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Q Q I got introduced to Jose Rios via Anderson Paak's Tiny Desk concert. Delighted to see Jose has a solo career as well. Favorite track: In the moe feat MPRVS.
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"Jose Rios" was recorded at the SCRAM house on Hobart Blvd; Once home to Dumbfoundead, Jose Rios, Ron Avant and EOM. The Record took one year to make and is inspired by all the events that took place while living there. I'm so grateful for all the talented people I'm surrounded by and want to thank everybody who helped make this record possible. First off, Ron Avant and EOM for letting me come to your rooms to ask for synth and piano help. To Dumbfoundead for that dope verse and letting me use the studio for Vox. My Freenational brothers Lodef and Kelesy Gonzalez!! Anderson Paak for keeping me motivated. DJ ZO for the crazy scratches and for mentoring me on my DJ journey. My beautiful and intelligent girlfriend Amiya Bardon whose ideas and creativity have shaped the visual side of the record. My Parents for always believing in me. To my baby girl Journi for her unconditional love, keeping me grounded. My Grandparents who have always made me proud to be Mexicano. I'm so grateful to all of my familia and friends who have supported me through my musical journey. And to all the fans all over the world that purchased my last record! This record represents one year of my life in thirteen tracks. Peace and blessings.


released August 18, 2015

All songs Prod by Jose Rios

Additional prod: Anderson Paak Track 6, EOM Track1 ,Lodef Track5 Jason Johnson Track 11

All Instruments played by Jose Rios

Synth: EOM track 1,8, 9

Synth/Piano: Ron Avant Track 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12

Bass: Kelesy Gonzalez Track 6

Dj scratch: Zo Manno track 10

BG vox: Mia Coleman/ Olivia Braga Track 3, 11
Jason Johnson Track 5,11 Molly Embrador Track 2,8
Hannah Renee track 13

Emil Martinez Track 8. 10 Jonah Levine Track 8

Recorded at SCRAM house

Photo: Amiya Bardon

Artwork: Dewey Saunders

Mixing and Mastering: Lodef (Matt Merisola)



all rights reserved


Jose Rios Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles resident Jose Rios (guitarist/producer/DJ) works closely producing for Dumbfoundead and Anderson Paak; and is also a member of Anderson Paak's live band
'The Free Nationals'. The Free Nationals have toured nationwide performing with artists such as: George Watsky (2012), Wax (2013), and Grammy nominated Jhene Aiko (2014).
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Track Name: T.J.
My roots lie in Mexico my mommas from city called tijuana you dont wanna go, the rumors are true politicians talking about get em out the country but contrary to what you believe whe run this country people try to tell you its not your time people try to say its not your shine but pick your head up man it will be just fine the seasons might change but you keep on flying my babys 3 years old time pick up the pace everything i worked for wont be in vain time to put her up in school free up her brain.
Track Name: Hobart feat Asal Hazel
VERSE1:Dont forget to, remember me if you crave my company call on me ill sing to you like you want me to, lying here with you

bye for now, I see you boy
play my song, I see you boy
in the end, I see you boy

I know i cant call you mine maybe not anymore let the music take you there to how it was before we closed the door, can you remember us at are best hear my voice and reminisce words are my gift to you rhythm is shifting you.

Track Name: Wingman feat. Dumbfoundead
Jump out the whip smoke just leaving my lips hit the bottle get my buzz real quick headed past the line cuz the homie got ties past the security now Im up inside lucky to my surprise a couple of fine mamacitas looking at we single to the homie and we both agree you take the left the right for me bonita applebum you gotta put me on I never seen a girl with such style and grace looking at your arm your tatt go to your waist looking at your ass you put the others to shame the beat kicking in now my hands on your waist drink half full time to pick up the 30$ drinks man they robbing you zay take her outside man she loving your ways looking to my side the homie dumb is engaged kissing on her neck never missing a space we walk back the other way giving him space if you dont know the rules man your losing this game wing man etiquette is a part of the trade my girl asking me can we go back to my place got a text on my phone homies doing the same agree to disagree but that's the way that its played.

Tonite im going to take you on a ride Im the wingman, wingman baby
call up your friends cuz I know they got some friends for me yes I do

Im a wingman breast man and thigh man I love it all we ball like the starting 5 I got a group text with the homies looped in about how we gonna score I aint talking hoopin stupid me and my bros we pro lady killers you and your bros yall are some hoe baby sitters getting straight to the point we aint spitting out the fillers in the end of the night the boyfriends wanna kill us you spend 10 fucking years getting friend zoned we spend 10 min we take them all home we feeling lucky like we playing at morango zeta got the up stairs sounding like the congo if I bag a 9 the homie will take a 6 and thats when you know you got motherfucking friend he already know the game aint no body throwing shame seen him taking down beast like she out of notre dame just fucking with you, you know I be clowning if she got a pair of friends Im in aint no fun if the homies cant have none ill take the pretty one you can have the fat one.

Track Name: Come Again feat. Mike B
you dont know me come again
cant see me thats why
you cant see me come again
dont know me thats why
you dont know me come agian
I cant be reached thats why
you cant reach me
Im moving my way

whipping in that 07 bumping around to dilla riding 110 while Im puffing on that killa counting money fucking bitches man I'm all about my skrilla platinum motherfucking standard tell em all to get familiar better get familiar understand I'm standing out better know my name by now your girlfriend sang about how she love my single out hit me on the cellular every time you aint in town subbing in and out shannon brown slam dunking on that pussy call it cookies all these bitches wanna fuck haters overlook and promoters trying to book me but from this point they paying neighbors getting pissed from this noise we making if you aint talking money i dont what the fuck you saying get up out my conversation i pacing to be greatest you and I have no relations but your bitch dog quick to hit the kill switch bill clinton campaigning round town while Im champagne spilling.

Im that new shit dropping popping up on the radars just got laid of my job ready to take off i got a full agenda people i need to break off thats why u never see me take a day off Im riding round town like the motherfucking major in out the buildings you know treat em like the playoffs every minute is like the fourth having dinner by the courses till i opened doors to the panramoc porsches floss it get on the block and hustle handle the rock like russell got my hand on my duffle watching my profits double dreams of being touched in the cleana velor this are the thoughts when Im leaving for tour you know its platinum
Track Name: Cold Crush feat. Anderson Paak
VErse AP

lil mommas cold crush hottest thing in your coffe cup call me for the moment call me when your fucked up trapped up in the corner hopped up off coca cola you niggas all talk you dont wanna go nuts get the top blown off your truck check it out love is for the moment its no rush If i told you that I want ya dont blush call because your lonely call me from across the ocean hopped up in your boat reached out to open dont stop to your reach the coast coastin
you feel me huh this dick is awesome my love is raw dont play with me that way
you cumming huh My dick is awesome this love is raw
I can never stay to long nobody want you the way I way I want you

eye contact vibration You next to me now we racing hands touch no love just lust now what taking off your dress your legs are so crazy keeping up the pace I take the lace off you never miss a spot I lick up on you screaming out my name oh zay you stay on me hit it all night we fuck in to the morning put another mix rolling up a spliff pulling on your llips playing with the clit hit it from the side now my seed is rising breathing on her neck she gunna keep on grinding getting to the end now the heat is rising finish at the same time now thats some wild shit oh she fell asleep now I close my eye lids.
Track Name: Be kind feat. VerbS
Everybody doing the same thing drinking the same drink wearing the same thing we going are own way father musician lover putting this pop shit to rest never smoking the stress if I told you that I want it believe it now rest if I told its for keeps dont test tracks pile up more queso more beso esta senorita mi quero Im late tho you might see us around philly atlanta to H town baby momma saying where the bread now gotta 30000 feet up and no dro

be kind its time put up your hands from side to side shake off the hate lets all unit keeping the faith is key to life

IM moving better things coming my way hoping that things will change you and me aint the same now we go seperate ways music is in my veins always respect the game women up in my face non of them signing my checks tho always trying to smoke up my dro hoe never asking how did my day go turn around and ask for the pay roll to live and grow in la hola mi llamo jose de mi que quers a ser brown skin the life I was blessed with aztec Inca and Mayan


Indeed you rust out way before you ware trust out way before you care I see benefit of the doubt doubt without benefit there great time to be genuine here a real friend to help you move out your house or out your out currents mood especially when your attitude is concurrent with blues you put the do in duality and actually bruise experience is bitch you actualll use get a lot of wisdom when your putting on shoes tread light thru reality dude if happy ness is home man but you gotta choose

Track Name: Hideaway feat Lyraflip DJZo
feelings deep in side is eating me alive the truth with set me free sometime for swollowing my pride I take a leap of faith cuz I believe in god but I dont practice what I preach cuz I cant even Hide from the simple fact is that Im a sinner spider web of deceit just read between the lies we suffer from injustice but none of us will rise cuz they blind us with the media and we dont realize it at all

look me in the eye keepin us in mind I can see right thru your lies you should know the truth cant hide away

its real easy to lie its hard to tell the truth the things you say in your records the shit you wouldn't do why you act like serial killer when you in the booth everyday is Halloween in music entertainment cuz all I see is fake handshakes and smiling faces cant help but think about the time I wasted focused on the lies and hatred I realized satan is in disguise peganistic rituals shit thats on tv that you dont even pay attention to the government is deceitful they let the cops getting away from murdering the people while hiding lies the make the shit so indiscreet full you gun create violience we want shit to remain peacful
its just us the justice is unjustifiable conduct its time to be free.

Track Name: In the moe feat MPRVS
She not feeling he whos not spending the hard earned money no Im not worried down that whiskey whe can get in the sheets gone in the morning

Wake up in the morning and I ask my self is this a dream should I get up or just pinch myself women to my left women to my right , better choose up quick before they leaving for the night.everything happened for the reason that we sitting here, complaining about your ol dude. Oh boo , old news. Moving on like we suppose to. Taking my time hit the right spots like Floyd do. Jameson shots and coke boo yikes you got me twisted now your bottom half is missing kissing all spots the other dudes be missing, finger licking. Tongue twisting. Nieghbor tripping. Next position. Namaste is how we living. Time to roll up,and roll out sun another day upon us your scent lingers on even after your gone take down my math don't forget to holler back peace


Pickin up where we left off I know this ain't your first time, lying bout the last time. You said that was your man right, you usually don't do this. Except for me change that. I like the way you lean back ready for me to take that. You say you wanna bring a friend I hope she just as fine yo sitting on the couch vibing to the songs I'm writing sippining on some wine n , I got the perfect timing. They both up on my neck , I feel the pressure rising , music hypnotizing kick snare riding, both lying naked on this bed that I provided, Sa-RA on repeat, kissin on your feet, I know you like the freaky shit I'm not gunna be discreet, this how I'm
Living judge if you want to, I'm a keep it moving just like I want to
Track Name: Comfortable feat. Nocando
took one to the dome new shoes on my feet riding on chrome but the brakes still sqeak nigga Im a geek I aint never gunna peak you cool ass niggas take a heat or take seat pay attention while these people pay me I dont play for free I take a feel yall I can take a cut I can take a slut treat her like a princess you forgot who she was then I take a princess and treat her like slut really whats the differenc when your diggin in the guts I gotta keep it moving Im a LA guy Im always roaming like LA high Y dios mio jimmy pull stings like JOSe RIos in the hood like grape swishers and hot cheetos loud mouth niggas with unbelievable egos

here today but you wanted to stay but then you contemplate everything what you see is just moment to breathe you gotta catch your fate dont let it dissipate said it might be for you but it sure aint for me dont get to comfortable witht the upmost respect I learned from the best dont get to comfortable with the heat on your neck time to pick up your step dont get to comfortable moving on to the next , do away with the rest, dont get to comfortable

fuck a routine and a comfort zone dont ever get to comfortable why cuz thats when they come for you I d rather celebrate with you than have to comfort you man cuz when the shit hits the fan after everything was going according to plan the bottom half looking full the top half of the hour glass running out of sand your there looking damn with nothing but your head in your hand and silly look on your face I know that you thought that you where safe when your resting on your laurels clinging to your morals everybody getting stained and playing a dirty game you gotta bring your own soil and stay loyal